Pink Chalcedony Bracelet - Positivity, Generosity, Benevolence

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The best jewelry if you're looking for more positivity in your soul, heart, and mind. This is a nurturing stone that promotes generosity and good will. The stabilizing, as well as soothing energies of the stone, will boost your inner peace and mental capacities. Chalcedony will unlock various channels of improved communication and help you convey your emotions in a good manner.

Chalcedony brings the mind, body and spirit into alignment. It sends feelings of generosity and benevolence to you. Chalcedony removes unwanted feelings of hostility and removes sadness. This stone removes self doubt and builds self confidence. Using this stone to meditate will help you become a more open and enthusiastic person. 

This bracelet is 100% handcrafted, and made to order only. Limited edition. If you're interested, please place your order now to avoid disappointment.