Triple Protection Bracelet - Protection, Power, Balance

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Slip your wrist into this powerful piece of jewelry and feel an instant sense of inner strength that can carry you through the toughest times!

This stunning bracelet gathers three of nature's most powerful stones: Tiger's Eye is known for clarity and insight, while Hematite offers emotional grounding and balance, and Black Obsidian provides deep protection from any malignant forces.

Featuring stunning, deep tones, this Triple Protection bracelet is beautiful enough to dress up any outfit and empowering enough to ensure that you can go into the world feeling like you've got an invisible shield around you.

Plus, it won't break the bank - why not treat yourself to something special that will prove useful for years to come? Whether you're getting your first ever bracelet with us or simply restocking your jewelry box, look no further - made for life's toughest battles, this bracelet will always have your back!