Red Tiger's Eye Bracelet - Success, Luck, Protection

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Nothing channels "success" more than the fiery energy of the Red Tiger's Eye stone.

Known as the "survival stone", this fiery radiant jewelry is a strong motivational stone to build confidence and enable you to fulfill any role, perform any task, and speak to anyone with wisdom and grace.

Aside from increasing your motivation, self-confidence, strength, and enthusiasm, Red Tiger’s Eye also calms your mind and eases your anxieties over things to come. It will also give you spiritual protection and improve your luck.

Whether you’re going to an awkward family gathering, a stressful client meeting, a nerve-wracking public performance, or a first date with someone you’re in love with, keep this stone close to you so that you can harness its loving and stabilizing energies.

Aside from wearing it, you can also keep it in your bag, inside your car, or in your medicine kit. Make sure that you’re never without it. It’s genuinely one of the most loving and supportive stones out there.