Natural Sandalwood Prayer Beads - Prayer Beads, Sandalwood, 108 Mala

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This prayer beads features a single row of fragrant, high quality sandalwood beads on a sturdy stretch cord that will not break, fray, or stretch out. Made from 108 sandalwood beads, a sacred number in Hinduism, Buddhism and yogic tradition. 

Authentic mala bead necklaces / bracelets are made with 108 beads - not 100 beads or 109 beads. Traditionally, mala beads were known as prayer beads, which were used to meditate and repeat a mantra. With every mala bead touched, one would repeat the mantra until all 108 beads are done. This is extremely useful when channeling your intentions, goals, and aspirations.

Sandalwood is a sacred wood and is used widely for prayers. Prayers using sandalwood beads improve over all well being of a person.