Garnet Lucky Red String Bracelet - Luck, Fortune, Relationship

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The Garnet
comes with a thousand stories to its name. It was said to have been the only light on Noah’s Ark, marking it as a stone that held every single note of hope that there was an olive branch waiting at the end of a great struggle.

Garnet is a bright red, fiery crystal of passion and is thought to be one of the oldest crystals used for spiritual protection throughout history.

Garnet is a stone of dedication - which is highly beneficial in fostering your emotions. When an individual is devoted to someone or something, mountains are moved, oceans are halved - thus, anything is possible.

At the same time, the red luster that Garnet gives its bearer an immense emotional boost. This gemstone is effective for people that need to develop self-confidence. Garnet also grants its bearer a better understanding of how other people react.

Throughout history and across philosophies, the red string has been worn for protection, faith, good luck, strength, and connection.

The origins of the red string can be found in multiple cultures, namely, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Kabbalah, and Ancient Chinese lore.

The red string is viewed as sacred and gets used in many religious celebrations and traditions. As a way for people to feel connected, the red string was worn as a symbol of good luck and protection.

Each bracelet is made from a single strand of 100% biodegradable smooth cord and finished with 2 adjustable sliding knots making it easy to put them on and take them off again.