7 Chakra Heart Shaped Healing Bracelet - Chakra, Energy, Healing

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Chakras are often brought up in relation to meditation practices and emotional healing. Every single one of these potential energy centers has its own vibration frequency – and when we understand how they work, it can be used to heal particular wounds or just achieve better physical and emotional well being.

Chakras play an important role in maintaining the health and complexity of the body's immune system, as well as other systems and physical wellness. The colored light admitted by the associated with each chakra and using colors, stones, pendulums is some of the various ways to heal different parts of the body.

The chakra energy is a field of universal force and is therefore always present, but its flux can be reduced or restricted under certain conditions.

This beautiful heart shaped chakra bracelet is a way to balance the energy in each chakra so we will feel harmonized and centered when wearing it. When you wear a chakra bracelet, it will help remind you to set and focus your intention on grounding and clearing yourself to stay true to your full authentic self.