Weight Loss Set

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We get asked about this a lot so we want to share with you what specific crystals to wear if you're looking to shed off those stubborn pounds.

If you want to lose weight but also love food, Blue Apatite is the crystal for you. Blue Apatite acts as a hunger suppressant, and it reduces your cravings for food that are bad for you.

This crystal's vibration radiates a sense of clarity on what you desire and bolsters your determination to achieve that desire. It also raises your metabolic rate that contributes to your getting rid of your excess pounds.

Now, if you are looking for something more "potent", there are a two other crystals that are great combinations to use with Blue Apatite. Simply put, these 2 crystals when combined with Blue Apatite bolsters the success of your weight loss goals.

When combined with Amethyst, it reduces your food cravings. This combination is very helpful in controlling your appetite. It's great for anyone with addictive eating disorders as well. Tiger's Eye improves your digestion and helps you shed the extra pounds faster and more safely.

Now for the first time, we have released these 3 bestselling bracelets as a set.

Each set contains the above 3 bracelets. Sold separately, they retail for $24.95 each. Now with this pack, you get to enjoy massive savings, not available anywhere else! This set is offered as a limited edition. Place your order now while stocks last.

Okay how do you use them, you ask?

Here's what you do.

When you begin to feel weak or overwhelmed by your urge to eat or munch, take out your bracelets, rub the crystal beads in your hands while calming and quieting your mind.

Then keep the bracelets close to you, either wear them on your wrists, or place them your pocket or purse. Feel the crystals vibrations work in the background. Trust me, you'll know what I mean once you put them on.