Purple Obsidian Pixiu Bracelet - Psychic, Intuition, Empath

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Known as the "Stone of Psychics", Purple Obsidian raises the innate psychic abilities within us. It is a stone that facilitates visions and revelations. Combined with the guardian Pixiu, this jewelry shields the wearer against all manners of harm.

Purple Obsidian is a great stone for those who are just starting to realize their psychic abilities, and is a wonderful companion stone for those who are already practicing and looking to reinforce their psychic energy. Purple Obsidian has a charming energy that keeps us true to ourselves and trusting our deepest, intuitive voice.

Pixiu are powerful protectors of feng shui practitioners, and resemble strong, winged lions. Pixiu have a reputation of being fierce creatures. The large fangs visible in their mouths are used to attack demons and evil spirits. This ferociously devoted Pixiu would always and constantly guard its master.