Natural Rhodonite Wrap Bracelet - Positivity, Affirmation, Love

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Pretty in pink, the Rhodonite stone brings a flush of dark-hued pink shades to light up your life. Ripe with rich healing properties, those who welcome the rosy glow of Rhodonite into their world are sure to feel those walls around the heart space falling down.

We all throw up walls of protection, some are healthy boundaries and some come from blockages or not holding trust in the universe.

With Rhodonite on side, you can work to bring your heart to a place of purity and elegance and step out on the journey towards your higher truth. Anyone who has ever wanted to find the capacity to grow their love and give back to the world, Rhodonite is your center.

This Rhodonite Leather Wrap Bracelet perfectly fits wrist from 6 inches to 8 inches. Wrap is made from vegan sources, we do not use animal.