People Are Absolutely Mesmerized with This Blue Tiger's Eye Bracelet

People Are Absolutely Mesmerized with This Blue Tiger's Eye Bracelet

"The blue shine of this bracelet illuminates even under the moonlight!"

Last month, we launched the Red Tiger's Eye Bracelet, and in 48 hours, we sold off every single piece.

I was completely taken away by the amazing response, and although we quickly restocked, it was still not enough. Orders kept coming in!

You have our deepest gratitude for being such wonderful customers and keeping the lights on and the jobs at everyone here at Blissbury, thank you so much!

Today, I have a piece of news I'd like to share with you.

We are launching a companion piece for this bracelet, and I think you'll love this even more because in my opinion, this is perhaps, the most mesmerizing piece of jewelry that we have ever had so far.

I'd like to introduce you to our latest addition: The Blue Tiger's Eye Bracelet

The Blue Tiger's Eye is one of the most sought after stone in the Tiger's Eye family, due to its rarity and and mesmerizing blue shine that illuminates even under the moonlight.

This is a highly soothing stone known to bring stability and inner calm to anyone who wears it. A jewelry made of this stone will strengthen your focus. It will also help you reduce your stress and anxieties.

We've made a special coupon code just for this launch.

Please use coupon code: BLUE and enjoy 15% off your entire order (includes all other bracelets in your order). 

I think we will see massive interest with this bracelet, so please snap it up as soon as you get this email. Pair it up with other bracelets to take advantage of the discount that is available right now.

Happy shopping!

Haley Orianna

P.S - We did a soft launch to a dozen or so customers recently and the feedback that we got was simply amazing. They love just how remarkably beautiful this piece is, but more importantly, how much calmer they feel since wearing it.
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